I could see the mountain as the ferry got closer to the island our new home. “Momma; is that going to be our new home.” My oldest daughter 3 years old said pointing to the island. “Yes, my little bunny; it might take awhile to get used to our new home, but I'm sure you and your siblings will like it.” I looked down at the babies where my two 1 years old twins are in wrap that allow me to carry them. My youngest daughter my small snowflake was in a white and blue and while her twin brother lion was yellow and white. Bunny as in a red dress while her twin brother hawk was wearing a black shirt and pants. My two sets of twins, the lights in my life. I want them to have a better life. I apply as a marine biologist. It was going to be our new life one worth living.

As our ferry arrived at the port my eldest twins got close to me and were holding to the end of my skirt; they were just as nervous as I was. I pick up our suitcases one in each hand and walk down the ramp connecting the ferry to the dock. We continue walking when I was greeted by two men. One look like he was in his late 20s, tan skin, seems like he hasn’t shaved in days, with white lab coat, bright green dress shirt, black pants, and well dress shoe. The other was a man look handsome early 20s he too had tan skin, he had guns and holster as if he was a detective and was dress as security.

The older man came up to me with a bright smile and extended his hand. “Welcome to Lage Island Miss Soz. I’m Shai Deon head researcher, and this is head of security Ryo Owen.” I take his hand and shake it, and then shakes Mr. Owen and say; “Thank you for meeting us here. I am Aly Soz, but please call me Aly and these or my children Sky, Allan, Sai, and Vicky.” He bends down at their level. “Welcome little ones you must be Sky and Allan I think you will both like it here. It is full of lots of animals and lots of other  kids.” He holds out his hand with two lollipops for them to take, but bunny decided to hind behind her brother and hawk decided to hold onto my skirt shaking but putting on a brave face.

Mr. Deon stand up clearly disappointed that his gift was rejected. He looks into the baby wrap where my young twins are still sleeping and smiles. He looks up at me “Will your husband be joining us later?’ Ouch! Just arrive, and I’m already reminded of why I left. ”No, I’m afraid my late husband will not be joining us at all,” I said and forcing a half smile. Mr. Deon looked taken aback “Sorry I didn’t mean to..” he was at a lost for words afraid of doing more harm than good. “It okay really no harm was done,” I said back to them.

Mr. Owen quickly came to his rescue. “How about we show to your new home?” He took both of my suitcases allowing me the freedom to hold hands with my kids as we walk. We follow them to a black van as they loaded my bags as I strapped my twins in the car seats. “Thank you. I really appreciate that you got the car seats.” I said Mr. Deon sat on the passage seat while Mr. Owen took the driver seat. “No problem I thought you might be concern over their safety.” My young hawk looked out the window, and Mr. Deon points things out to us such as the pre-school, park and so on. “We were fortunate that you decide to join us in such short notice. When Dr. Sams said that he had just the person and recommended you; we were glad. If you don’t mind me asking how do you know Dr. Sams?” Mr. Deon asked. Of course, he would ask since I didn’t give any information of where I study or where I came from. I was actually hired because Uncle strongly recommended me. “Dr. Sams and his wife are my parent childhood friends.” It wasn’t a lie. “I see.” Mr. Owen answer

When we stop we arrive at a house. As I help my kids off the van, Mr. Owen unloaded my suitcases. Mr. Deon leads to the front door and opens the door. We were welcome into a small furnished living room with a fireplace, behind the disappointed was a fully stock kitchen, to the left was, with four doors one lead to the bathroom and the other one room with forced, and another was the master bedroom was mildly big with two baby cribs on the far side, and the last door leads to an office. Lastly, the was a door at the small backyard which was really the forest.

It was perfect, but something was not right. “Wait, are you sure we are at the right place? I thought all staff stays at an apartment complex near the lab.” I ask “Yes, Dr. Sams and his wife call to inform us they bought you and your family house. Plus you are still close to the lab, and the preschool is downhill from here. We also alright sign the children up for school. They want the move to go as smoothly as possible, because..” he was afraid to say it, but I wasn’t “Because I am a single parent?” He nods and takes out an envelope from his pocket. “Dr. Sams ask me to give you this letter when you arrive.” Mr. Deon Hand my an envelope address to Aly. While Mr. Owen places my suitcases down. Bunny and hawk ran around the house exploring the house after claiming their beds. Before leaving Mr. Owen stop and said “If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask my team or me. We would be happy to help you.” then he left before I could thank him.

I  quickly lighted the fireplace sat down and open the letter and face it near the flames to rid of the fake:

“Dearest, Moonie

By the time you received this letter, you should be surprised by our little gift.” Little was an understatement. “I know you wanted to do this on your own, but we could not allow this. When we left, we were lucky your father and mother understood and let us leave in peace. We know how hard it is to start over and wanted little stress for you. But don't worry child we hired a trusted friend to pick and buy the house on our behalf, and know nothing else but what kind of he bought. It saddens me that this letter will be our last. We wish a safe and happy life.

Love, May Sayoung”

Auntie May must have been crying while writing this letter judging by the tear stains on the letter. Thank you deeply for everything. Uncle Ray and Aunt May were both childhood friends of my parents. I was fortunate to have found them, and I was incredibly lucky they decided to help us with a fresh start. 

We unpack our stuff, and after heating a frozen pizza, Alexander brought along from my aunt and uncle, while I fed Snow and Leo. I show them a map I had grab earlier in the ferry. I pointed out their school which was at the base of the hill and the lab that was on top. They seem nervous to go to school. “Mom I thought you were going the research marine life.” hawk said, “Yeah, but Mommy water not your element it winds, and a bit of fire.” bunny agree “Yes, it true but there are air and fire in the water. My job is to identify a sound wave in the ocean.” I told them. Bunny seems to still be a bit worry, but hawk seems impressed. “Okay, its time for bed, school start tomorrow and work start too.” They looked unhappy by the idea, and start to protest. “Mom we can stay a while we were trained…” I had enough. “WE ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE!” I yelled I stop was stop to see them scared god I scared them again. I slowly breathe in and out. I quickly pull them into a hug. “We are not longer there, and we will never be. I want you to have a normal, peaceful life. So please go to bed.” After my words, they obey without complaints. I went to bed thinking if we would indeed find happiness here. <“Our last days, Our last words” > 

“Mommy wake up! It is time to get up!” I woke up to the yells from bunny. “Mommy it’s time for breakfast.”  Breakfast I completely forgot I overslept. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen only to find hawk setting an omelet on a plate. While snowflake was setting them on the table and lion, set the tableware. I sat down on one of the chairs while the others took their seats. “Sorry, I overslept; I should have been the one making breakfast, not you.” I apologized and then I took a bit of my omelet. After finishing, I pick up the table and wash the dishes while they got ready for school. After I had finished getting dress. Walked out to find my kids ready. They were wearing white shirts with a green jacket my boys were wearing green shorts while my girl was wearing green skirts.

They each had different color backpack snowflake’s backpack sky blue with white snowflakes, lion’s was golden with a painted lion, bunny’s backpack was a white printed rabbit, and hawk’s was red was painted sword. I had a feeling they want to live up to their name. “Okay, today we are going on our first day of being normal.” And they cheer to show they were ready. “Today we are going to have a good day without showing our gifts.” I took out a box from my handbag. Inside was a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and an ankle bracelet. “These were made for you when you were born.” I take out the bracelet and attach it on hawk“This was your father it the only thing I had of his, and I know he would have wanted you to have it.” hawk smile having something from him.  Next, I took out the ankle bracelet and put it on bunny. “This one I made it but, your daddy designed it.” bunny smiled next, was the necklace and attach them to lion and lastly I attach the earring on snowflake. “Mommy and daddy made these together. Mommy designed the necklace while daddy designed the earrings. Then traded the designed and made them.” lion and snowflake smiles grew. “These will help you, but I don’t want you to show your skills to anyone,” I told them. The saluted me and said “Aye captain!” and we all laugh. <”Dog”>

After I gave them their lunch and was sure that we were all ready. We were on the way to the pre-school. We walk down the hill following a dusty road. After 20 minutes walk, we notice a sign that read LAGE Pre-school. We made our way in and was greeted by young woman. “Good Morning! I take it you are Miss Soz.” looked down at my twins. “These must be the new little ones. Let me inform the director that you are here, please have a seat.” We sat down as we waited other kids walking with parents. “Good morning!” An elderly woman greets us. “Please let us walk while I explain things.” She quickly brief us on the rules, their hours, and parent participation in events. As we walk, she shows us the classrooms in which my children were in. At the end of the tour, my kids have been all drop off at their appropriate classes. I made my way up the hill to work.

I arrive at a research facility when I enter I was greeted by young man. When I was greeted by another familiar voice “Miss Soz welcome again.” Mr. Deon had just arrived. “How was your morning?” He asked, “It went well thank you for asking Mr. Deon.” I answered. “Good morning!” Mr. Owen walks in with another man. He was able the same height as Mr. Owen, but he had a more of a tan, and hair was black, and his one eye was blue, and the other was red. He looks at me was if he was surprised but only of a second. “This is Leon Seto he is on guard detail with me.” Mr. Owen introduces him. “It a pleasure Mr. Seto.” I extended my hand. “No, the pleasure is mine, and please call me Leon.” He answers as he took my hand. Suddenly I felt a small spark as if he wanted to tell me something.

He must have felt it too because he pulls his hand from me and quickly walks away. “Ms. Soz allow me to show you around the facility.” Mr. Deon offered. I was given quick tour of the area, and then he led me outside to the ocean. “I take it you read the files I left behind.” He asked. “Yes, there have been a number of injured marine life coming here to heal. Our job is to determine the how what, and why?” I quickly answer.  “Good and Dr. Sams said you are an excellent swimmer.” He said shyly “Dr. Sams told me you have the where but you can't get to the what. Because of its deep water and the animals won't let you near” I said he looked surprised I knew, yet he also looked quite embarrassed. “Yes, Dr. Sams inform us the not only are you a good swimmer but, you are greatly skilled with wild animals.” Of course, uncle would tell them that. I really needed the job after all. “Look Dr. Sams failed to tell us you were a mother until we got approved.” And he made it impossible for them to fired me. “You don't have to do it we can find you something else to do while we get someone else.” Great now they are giving me pity; as if I need it. I walked to the gear on a table. “So you need me to swim down and install the camera. Right.” Mr. Deon looked shocked to my response. “Yes, but what about your kids.” Oh, he thinks I'll die. “What do my children have to do with this?” I look at him a bit annoyed. This made his surprise. 

After I had changed into a blue swimsuit, I was given an oxygen masked with a tank which I firmly rejected to no avail, a fan pack to go in the front and a camera was attached to my head. “Are you sure about this.” Mr. Deon asked me once more. I nod I made my way to a gate which leads to the animals. There were seals, sea lions, crabs, and other marine life. As I passed the gate, they all stopped to look at me. I continue walking slowly toward them. As I got closer, some seals came up to me. I stop and breathe slowly I look at one of the seals in the eyes. I’m not here to harm you. I just wish to see why the area is so special. I seal called to me as if telling me something. Please, we believe this can help other people in ways we can’t. This time the seal launch at me trying to take a bite. “Ms. Soz come back it to dangerous!” Mr. Deon yells as he yelled a sea lion took a bit of the tube that connected the air mask to the oxygen tank and this caught my attention. I slowly removed the mask from my face and then the tank. I set them down, and for some reason, this calms them down. The seals got out of my way creating a path toward the ocean. 

I slowly continue to walk toward the ocean and seals follow me closely. As I got closer, I noticed shark’s fins and dolphins. I sat down on the rock that barely above the water. As I sat down readying myself to jump but before could, I felt something push me. I quickly swam back up. “Ms. Soz don't worry just hold on! We are sending a group will come and get you!” Mr. Deon yelled again “No! I am fine they seem a little protective of their land, and if more people invade their space they might attack!” I quickly yelled, “Are you sure!” He yelled I pull a thumbs up and air. “Okay, but be careful!” He then calls off the team. I turn to see a sea lion behind me. Show me. I quickly grab on a shark fin as he dives into the water, and the sea lions followed. I close my eyes as it was getting harder to see and breathe. Calm your mind, calm your breathing, water has air, and you're part of it. I open my eyes, and I was able to see and breathe again. 

The shark continues to lead me deeper into the ocean 3ft, 4ft, 5ft but, we remain close to land. Then I noticed a dark tunnel 1 ft under us. The shark enters it, and it leads us deeper. My eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. I could see many passages. The shark would turn left and right quickly as if to make sure I didn't remember the way. It was hard enough to hold on to him with him swimming fast. Suddenly, he stops, and we had come to a cavern in the maze it was completely flooded and at the very bottom was a rock. The rock had small blue crystals attached to it. It was so beautiful. I looked at the sea lion next to me. May I touch it? A seal started to push me toward it. I could feel an immense power coming from it. When I got close enough, I put my hand on it.

I was floating in the darkness then a light came. “Hello, Moonie.” I turn to the voice. I could feel tears leaving my eyes. “Allan!” I quickly go to him. “I miss you,” I said as I hug him. “I miss you too.” He replied, “How are you here?” I asked, “I'll always be there to watch over you and our children.” I held on to him, but then he quickly separated us. “But, I was never for you.” He said as he held my hand. “Allan, what are you talking about?” I asked, “You deserve happiness, my love, both you and our children.” I was shocked “Allan I am happy.” I could feel more tears leaving my eyes. “No Moonie, you deserve someone by your side.” He kisses my ring finger. Suddenly a red string appeared around it leading away. “He still out there. I want you to be happy.” I quickly turn around, and he was gone. I suddenly start to slowly faint into the darkness.

I awoke next to the crystals. I looked around the sea lions and sharks and animals were staring at me. I swear if there was no water I sure I would be covered in tears. I fix myself. I took out a camera, but the seals snatch it and the one on my head from me and swam away with it. That was probably their way of saying no monitoring. May I at least take some samples, please? The Sea lion snatches two crystals from the rock, which I put them in two small jars. 

After getting my samples, I grabbed onto a shark and was guided out again. When I got to the surface, I saw three men fighting with the seals, and the cameras that they snatch from me were in front of me. “What is going on?!” I called out everyone turn to me including the animals. The men turn out to be Mr. Deon, Leon, and Mr. Owen. “You’re okay!” Mr. Deon said as he took a step toward me earning a growl from a seal. “Stay there I'll come to you,” I said, as I got out with the help from the shark and I walked toward them. “Are you okay Miss Soz you were in there for almost an hour.” Mr. Owen asks “I’m fine there were some small areas where I could take a short breather.” I quickly lied not wanting to explain. We walked to the gate but just before we enter I turn to the sea lion and bow. “Thank you all for your kindness and for being a great host.” The sea lion then bows as well and turn to go back as I did the same.

Though I was not able to install the camera, Mr. Deon was still was impressed by my work as well as the fact that I got the respect of the marine animals. As I took a shower to do away with the sea water and I looked at my finger. Had it been all a dream, a hallucination of my own mind. As I walked out of the dressing room, I saw Mr. Owen with another man. “Ms. Soz” he called out to me. “Please call me Aly,” I said smiling. “Very well Aly but only if you call me Ryo this is Rei Manhu.” I extended my hand to him. “It a pleasure to meet you Mr. Manhu please call me Aly.” He shook my hand. “The pleasure mine Aly but please call me Rei.” He answers me. “We are about to eat lunch care to join us?” He offered but before I could answer my phone rang. It was the preschool director. <”Day 1”>

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