The first Adventure

  Lefga, a small village ruled by the Amber Kingdom. Although most of the kingdom's villages are for mining, our village was well known for our crafting and blacksmiths with the amber, gold, and any others material brought to us. Lefga is known to as the community of art, and villagers are hired by dukes, duchesses, counts, countesses, and even the king himself, but sadly because we ask as artists, we were also perceived as weak, so many nobles steal from us. Many young women in the village dream to catch the eyes of nobles and even the prince in the jobs in the hope to marry into the noble blood.

I never dream of finding a prince charming or becoming a princess that lives in a castle. Although, people found this strange because that was the dream of every ten-year-old girl in my village. Then again I’m not like other girls; unlike them; I had a father that I idolize. My name is Sage Amil, and I’m ten years old, and I want to be like my dad; I want to grow up and become a thief. As a matter fact, I come from a long line of thieves. Thieves that would aid the village in the time of need; and because my village was in nigh reach of poverty, making now is a time of need. We had a creed:

“1)A thief never steal for oneself but takes to help others

2)A thief never takes the life for another unless many lives are in danger.”

and 3) A thief pride him/herself in our work, but we must remain silent of who we are outside our circle.

My father is the currency thief, and I hope to become my father partner in crime someday, but father always said the same thing. “Sage you are too young, you have a lot to learn, and you have to take care of Sota. He is only three years old and needs care.” Yes, my little brother did need attention sadly my mother died after giving birth to Sota. I was only seven when she passed away. Sage take care of your brother after I’m gone. Keep your heart pure in whichever path you choose don’t ever let darkness touch it and always, always aim for happiness. Those were my mother’s last word to me. I kept my promise throughout the years after she left. Father would sometimes look at me, smile and say “You have your beautiful mother’s face and smile.” and I smile, But Mama always said I had your crimson red eyes and austere face. I constantly thought.  

My father would steal from the rich that would cheat our people and then return the money to whom it was cheated from, for this whenever my father need help people would help him. There were time when people would cheat him; my father would wait a month before stealing from them. “Father why do you wait so long to steal from the noble?” I would ask “Well if I steal right away they figure out quick who stolen but if I wait by the time I steal their be so many people they have stole from that they would know who to blame.

It was always the same routine my father would work as a carpenter or a blacksmith in the break of day and at dark he was the “Ghost Thief.” When he would come home after stealing he would bathe, eat and tell me a story before going to sleep. My father would tell two stories one "the thief and the noble" and the other of the legendary mage Abia the best thief in our family history unfortunately she died at the age of eighteen but her brother continue the bloodline. “My grandfather used to say his aunt Abia was amazing.” My great-grandfather would tell me “He said there was a knight that deeply love her but she didn’t believe in love. She believed such feeling were a weakness and not a strength. Your great-great-grandfather said she regretted it to the last of her days.”

One day I was out playing with Sota in a meadow near the Spirit’s Mountain. Suddenly, I heard a soft whimper from up the mountain. Sota and I walk up the mountain to investigate the sound. On top of the mountain was a little black foal it was alone. Sota and I got close to it but it was scared and kept it distances. “Don’t worry little guy we won’t hurt you.” I extended my hand and little by little the foal would come closer and closer. Until it head touch my hand, but when my hand touch him I feel a strange shock throughout my body then I feel it wasn’t him but her. “Midnight” the word escape my lips the foal seem to respond to the name. “Is… Is your name? Midnight?” I ask the foal then it nods.

The foal seem to understand me on what I ask, and when I touch her I feel her feeling which were scared, and relief. “Are you lost Midnight?” It nods it head again. I hug her head and close my eyes. I saw horses running. A teen gray horse was next to me and a big black, and gray horses on either side of us. I felt happiness. Upon a river I saw my reflection. I was Midnight. When looked around all the other horses were gone and I was alone; I feel lost and fear in me. I open my eyes and looked at Midnight. “We will help you Midnight.” I told her.

We headed down the hill to our cottage to get supplies. I got a bag and fill it with a bread and a water pouch. As I look in the cabinet for more supplies a book fell on my head. I pick it up and look in the book. Inside I found journal entries and they were signed by Abia Amil. Abia or in other words “The Mage.” I quickly put the book in the pouch to read. “Okay I got what we need and I left a note to father so he knows where we are.” I told them. We started walking to the river where Midnight last saw her family. Once we made it to the river we looked around for tracks. Sota yelled “Sage! I found some horse tracks!” I examine them. “They look like they are headed west.” So was walk to the west.

I read the first entry of the journal as we walked.

“Summer 1, Day 1

I went for a walk in the forest as every morning. I heard a hissing and I follow the sound to a nest of a white snake as it near a small wondering chick. I quickly pick up the chick and got it away from the snake. Why do you take my pray human? I quickly look down to the snake in shock. Why do you take my pray human? The white snake repeated. “BECAUSE YOU WERE ABOUT TO EAT A POOR DEFENCELESS ANIMAL!” I yelled at the white snake. That just how life is human. It told me. “But… But it's not fair the chick is helpless.” I said Then why are their king and queen, or knights and noble or poor people? They’re there because life is unfair. Then again you to understand and you know it won’t change. That is the same as why I eat the chick because it defenseless and it is the cycle of life. I understood what the white snake said. “Yes I do understand, but as a thief I am trying to correct it but because I’m just human there is so much I can do.” I reply. Then if you had more power… “You mean act like a noble?” The white snake shook it had. “No. By power let say if you were a mage. Can you do more for your people? I nodded “Yes if I were a mage then I can do more for my people.” The white snake eyes widen and glowed. His eyes glow so bright that I had to cover my eyes. Then so be it. I will grant your wish. You will have the powers of a mage, and with time it will grow without limit, but you must never hurt a soul. Once the light faded I opened my eyes and the white snake was gone. I look around for it but I couldn’t find the white snake. Where did it go? What did it mean it will grant my wish? A:10

                                            Abia Amil”


    I thought to myself after I have finished the first journal entry. So Abia met a white snake. “Sage.” What does it mean?  “Sage” Why is a talking white snake so important that Abia would start to write?  “Sage.” Why is it mark as summer one? A:10?  “SAGE!” I turn around to see Sota and Midnight had stopped and were looking at me worried. “What wrong?” I asked “You looked lost and though Sage.” He replies “And there the herd but look.” I look to see down the hill. There as the bottom was a herd of horse but not far from them were a pact of wolves hiding in the grass.

I looked at Midnight and I could tell she was scared. “We need to get them alert them.” I said I look at Midnight and Sota. Sota was too slow to run and Midnight was too small for me to ride, but big enough for Sota to ride. “Midnight is it okay if Sota rides on you? I’m too big to ride, but Sota is not and he also too slow to run.” I asked her Midnight nodded her head and I mounted Sota on her. “Let go!” I said, and we ran down the hill.

Upon running down the hill the horses started to stampede towards the pack of wolves. The wolves quickly started to run as well. We join the stamped and became part of the fun. It was great running with a herd of horses. I ran until the world was going too high for to reach and I was on the ground. I turn around to find a rock not to far from my foot and not to far away was a pack of wolves. I seem the got away from the stamped. A big wolf came lunged at me and cover my face with arms and closed my eyes. I wait for an impact that didn’t come.

I open my eyes to see my arms on fire. I got up quickly and ran looking for water in panic but, after I calm down I notice my arms were in no pain from the fire. I couldn’t feel the flame’s heat, and I noticed this the flame extinguish on their own leave no trace of it on my arms. I turn around and started looking for the herd.

I found the herd not to far from the mountain we came back from. Upon reaching the herd I quickly looked for Sota. “SOTA!” I kept looking until. “SISTER!” I heard I follow the direction in which it came from. I found Sota with Midnight and three other horses. “SAGE!” Sota came running to me and hug me. “I saw you fall and… and we couldn’t go back... because we were in the middle of the stamped... I was scared I lost you.” Sota said between sobs. I wrapped my arms around Sota and brought him into a tight embrace and I too began to cry.

Our attention was caught by Midnight. I looked to see the three other houses behind her was her family I saw from the vision. The big black horses walk up to me and lower it’s head. At this all the horses lower their head at us. Midnight came up to me and I hug her head and close my eyes to understanding what going on. My father is grateful for helping me and saving the herd. A voice in my head started to speak. I look at Midnight in question. Yes is me you heard. The voice said “How?” I looked in shock. There is a belief by my kind. A horse’s mind is connected to a human. Then that human is their rider. In other word you are my rider Sage and I am your horse; we are partners. I hug Midnight happy to know she would always remain my friend. But I’m too young to have a partner and too weak, I must grow a little more, and for that I must leave and train to be a strong horse. Once I grow and become a fully grown horse can I still be your partner? Midnight ask scared. “Yes.” is all I said as I hug her.

Once everything was over and we said goodbye to Midnight and the herd disappeared into the mountains. We headed to return home. It was getting too dark and it was getting hard to see. “Sage I’m scared of the dark. I want to go home.” Sota said as he tightened his hold on my hand. “Don’t worried. Sister will get us home soon. “ As I said these word I open my palm and imagining a flame on it. To my surprised I small flame lid on my palm enough to let us see up ahead of us.

“SAGE! SOTA!” I heard a familiar voice calling up the mountain. It was father. “DAD!” We yelled as we ran to him and hug him. “Are you alright? How was your adventure.” Our father ask. Then he saw the flame on my palm. “Sage. Is your flame?” He asks me. I explain to him everything that happened all expect about Abia’s journal. “I see so you inherit my great-aunt’s powers.” He said as we started to walk home. I saw a serious face on his face as he said these words.

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