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June 01, 2017

The Mage

Sage Amil is the eldest daughter of a blacksmith, but her father is not just a blacksmith he is the Ghost thief. Sage wish to grow up to become a thief like him, but one day her father is caught and killed leaving her to care for herself and her younger brother. Read Sage adventure following her father's footsteps and her path to avenge her father's death. As well, she discovers her family's past and herself. 







June 24, 2017

Wispers of the Wind

Aly Soz is a single mother of four. She came to Lega island in search of a new life. Why? No one knows but she will soon learn no matter how much we want to change we can't hide who we are or were forever. Note: My dear reader some part of the story that will not be in the story but you will find them in the app Hooked. Throughout the story I will give the name of it the Mini moments but it will be up to you whether you read them or not they will not spoiled things for you but it will allow you inside their personalities.The first mini moment is now available  



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